When the student success cycle 🔁 student ➡️ parent ➡️ instructor 🔁 is operating in full swing and being successful.

When those things are firing on all cylinders, transformations do happen. They do take time ⏳ and the 3 components of that cycle 🔁 have to be all ♠️♥️♣️♦️in and they can’t give up on one another.

This girl was just a shy kindergartner when she started 4 years ago. When I say shy, I literally did not hear the sound of her voice 🗣️ for almost a year.

But, if you teach them how to LOVE ❤️ what they do, they’re not just going some activity a couple times a week in the evening. They now have a craft that they work towards mastering.
Here we are, just about 4 years later.

👊 Preparing to test for black belt.
👊 Preparing to compete in 2nd AAU Nationals- won silver 🥈last year, working towards gold🥇this year.
👊 A great helper in classes in the younger kids classes.
👊 Right next to the coaches chair cheering on her team mates during competitions.

And I also see the great friendships she’s made with the people she trains Taekwondo with.
One of many stories of kids (or adults) that gave something a try and when things started getting tough, they put 10 toes down and dug in. You don’t even have a chance for a breakthrough until you get to where you feel like giving up.

And to be clear, we instructors/coaches don’t create the talent. It’s there inside of them, even when it can’t be seen. We just help them bring out what’s already there.