kids study

Success in the classroom doesn't come from any single thing-it's about the right mix of attitude, habits, and effort. Strong study skills are an important ingredient in this recipe, and they're very much learned behavior. Straight-A students are not born-they're made. So, as a parent, how can you help your child develop effective study skills that they need to achieve success, and see benefits beyond the classroom? Here's a few tips to get you started.

Create a Designated Study Space

Consider having an area of your home that is conductive to focused studying.  Make sure it is well lit and away from other distractions.  Keep helpful supplies like pens, pencils, highlighters and scratch paper at the desk for your child.  Encourage your child to take ownership of this space and decorate is as they please.

Keep a Planner

Time management is crucial for your child's sucess.  Hav them write down important due dates for homework and projects, especially if their teacher tells them well in advance.  The key kis to then stay on top of these assignments.  Also, you will need to make a schedule for reviewing the material in the says leading up to the test.  Break down big projects similarly by determining smaller milestones and working with your child to make a schedule for when they will have these components complete.

Practice for Tests

Reviewing content before a test isn't really the best method to prepare your child.  Instead, encourage them to try more interactive strategies, like completing practice tests or using flash cards.  Asking your child review questions and having them provide short essay-style explanations aloud can also help them tremendously.

Teach Your Child to Ask for Help

Your child mahy struggle understanding specific lessons.  Teach your child how to bring up these challenges early with a teacher and ask for help- and don't be afraid to bring up concerns with their teacher yourself either.  Teaching your child how to build effective working relationships with other students and asking their peers for help is another key to getting their success.